On any given day, how many animals does the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary care for?

We are licensed to have 18 dogs on site and we shelter approximately 100 cats. We use foster homes on a limited basis for any animals in excess of these numbers. 

Why should I relinquish my animal to the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary?

Once an animal is relinquished to the Sanctuary, it undergoes a thorough medical examination. Animals are spayed or neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, examined, and treated for any medical conditions. This may include dental procedures, x-rays, blood tests, and even surgery for certain conditions. They are then put up for adoption. We also use our website and Facebook pages, as well as Petfinder.com and AdoptaPet.com. 

What types of animals do you accept?

We only accept dogs and cats but there are a number of resources for other types of animals. 

Why do some of your dogs have age recommendations?

Age recommendations are assigned to certain dogs to help protect the safety of both the dog and the family that may adopt it. Dogs do not communicate in the same ways as humans do—they communicate through very subtle body language. While an adult may realize that a dog’s rigid posture may mean “I don’t want to share my toy with you,” a young child may not understand this cue. Similarly, a dog with a high energy level could inadvertently knock over a young child during play. Our Animal Care volunteers have closely examined the personalities of every dog, and any age recommendations assigned to a dog are meant as a guideline to help adopters determine which pet will best match the needs of their household. 

How do I meet the pets in foster care?

The only cats that are usually placed in a foster home are moms with babies and they are not ready for public viewing or adoption until they are brought back to the sanctuary and have gone through the medical process. Arrangements can be made to meet a dog in foster care by making an appointment with the foster parent and meeting them at the sanctuary. 

Do you do vaccines and microchipping?

When our animals are adopted out, they are current with their vaccines, including rabies if they are old enough. They are microchipped, as well as spayed or neutered. Our policy is that they are only available for adoption after these requirements are met. They are also given a vet well check before they are allowed to leave the shelter.