The Adoption Process

When an individual or family comes to the Sanctuary to adopt a pet, they must first fill out a pre-adoption questionnaire. This will help our adoptions team to match the adopter with the right pet for them. If the adopter is interested in meeting a specific pet they have seen at one of our events or online, they will meet with an adoption counselor to discuss their needs as well as the needs of the pet they are interested in. If the pet they are interested in has any medical or behavioral conditions that the adopter should be aware of, we will discuss these issues and will set up a consultation with a member of our veterinary medical staff to further discuss any concerns the adopter may have. 

Adoption Application Form

Animal Adoption Agreement (pdf)


Step By Step

Meet the Candidates


Come in to the Sanctuary during adoption hours or attend a mobile adoption event to meet our dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens. The Sanctuary is open Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 1:00-4:00 PM.

Don't Forget the Fosters


Some of our dogs and cats are in foster homes. Contact the Sanctuary to make arrangements to meet an animal currently in foster care. Foster dogs and cats can often be found at mobile adoption events.

Meet with an Adoption Counselor


Our Adoption Counselors have worked closely with our pets and have knowledge of their behavior, likes & dislikes, and other personality traits. We require that all members of the household are present during the adoption process to ensure that the chosen pet is compatible with everyone. If you already have a dog and are adopting another, we suggest that you bring in your dog for an introduction. 

Meet with the Vet Tech


If your chosen pet has any medical conditions, we will arrange a pre-adoption consultation with our Veterinary Technician. Some pets may also require a post-adoption consultation to ensure the pet is adjusting well to his new home. 

Home Check


If you are adopting a dog, we will schedule a home check to ensure that the home is safe for the dog. Potential hazards will be discussed in order for the adopter to address the issues before the new pet comes home.

Homeward Bound


Once you and your Adoption Counselor agree that you’ve found a great match, it’s time to complete the adoption process and take home your new best friend.