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Winslow's Warriors

Winslow needs your help! Will you be a Warrior for Winslow?


Winslow and his sister Birdie were born in December of 2018 on a rural  property in De Luz just North of Fallbrook. These two pups and their Mom, along with another unfixed dog, lived outside, were free to roam and of course have litter after litter. FAS has been trying to get the owner to relinquish the puppies, Winslow & Birdie, and get the Mom fixed for quite some time but the owner was not being very cooperative.


It was not until Winslow was attacked by two large dogs that the owner agreed to relinquish the puppies. When we saw the injuries to Winslow we rushed him to the Veterinary Specialty Hospital in San Marcos. While Birdie was safe at FAS, Winslow was facing a very long road to recovery.

Winslow didn’t just suffer multiple lacerations and punctures which  were infected because the owner did not seek medical attention until he  brought him to us 3+ days after the attack, he also has a severely  broken leg and 10 fractured ribs. Because of the severity of Winslow’s  injuries, and because the owner did not seek medical attention or bring  him to FAS, VSH contacted DAS (Department of Animal Services). DAS made contact with the owner of the dogs and because of that, he promptly relinquished the mother to FAS as well. We have named her Poppy.

Winslow is under the best care! He is currently being fostered by 2 of  the vets from the VSH since his bandages needed to be changed daily along with daily medication for pain and the infection in his wounds.  When Winslow is strong enough and his infection clears up, he will then  be able to have surgery to fix his broken leg.

While Mom, Poppy, and sister Birdie, have now been spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated, little Winslow will have to wait until he is all better from the horrific attack he suffered.


Will you be a Winslow’s Warrior? To  date his vet bills total $4,035.16 with more to come! A fund called  Winslow’s Warriors has been established for this little boy for all his medical care. Please, make a donation today using the "Donate" link button above. If you are writing a check, please write "Winslow’s Warriors" on the memo line and either drop it off at the sanctuary or mail it to 230 West Aviation Road, Fallbrook, CA 92028.

This poor little man deserves so much more than the life his neglectful former owners gave him. Please help if you can. 


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FAS also strives to educate the community regarding spay/neuter, microchipping, and the importance of understanding the emotional needs of all animals.

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