Pet of the Week



Pet of the Week for April 8-14, 2018

Oh Niles, you are too cute for words even though your face is dirty! At about 1 1/2 years old, Niles is a toddler, hence the dirty face, but he’s all fixed up and ready for his furever home! He is neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. Niles is also known as the Tailless Wonder as he has no tail! He is such a fun little guy, very playful, full of energy and love and would make a great family dog. 



Pet of the Week for April 1-7, 2018

Meet Liddy! This gorgeous girl is 5-6 years young, spayed, vaccinated, and DECLAWED. Liddy wants the simple things in life...a lap to curl up on, love, cuddles, love, brushing, love, attention, and more love. We say all the kitties here at FAS are sweet but we think Liddy wins 1st Place on the sweetness level! So if you are looking for a cuddly,  soft, fluffy lap warmer who is declawed, Liddy just may be your girl!  



Pet of the Week for March 25-31, 2018

Who needs a hug? Bonnie gives free hugs every day and trust us, there’s nothing better than a Bonnie hug!

Bonnie was first adopted from FAS in July of 2016. Unfortunately her owner passed away and now she has found herself back at FAS since January. Bonnie is a very energetic 3-4 year old who loves people, playing, running and of course hugging. As you can see, she’s not that big and has a great smile! She is a Basenji/Shepherd mix, spayed and up to date on her vaccines. Bonnie would make a great addition to an active family who love to go on adventures!



Pet of the Week for March 18-24, 2018

Well hello there Smitty! Don’t look so sad. It’s your week in the spotlight!

Smitty looks sad because no one is petting him right now. There is nothing that Smitty loves more than pets and play time and love...lots and lots of love. Smitty also is sad because he had a home, but his family moved and left him behind. Lucky for him though that someone found him and brought him back to FAS. 

Smitty is a special needs cat. He has urinary crystals but don’t let that stop you from giving this lovable boy a furever home! All he requires is a special diet which is available from your vet, and Amazon. 


Pet of the Week for March 11-17, 2018

Hi everyone! My name is Newton. I’m a Bichon Frise. I am about 5 years old, I’m neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated and ready to find my true love!

I was rescued by a very nice lady in Mexico recently. My previous owners took good care of me but could no longer care for me so I’m lucky that Elena was able to bring me to the good old USA. I got to spend a few days at Elena’s house before she brought me to FAS. What fun that was! I had the best time playing with all her rescue dogs and the only time I was upset was when I couldn’t play with all my new friends. Elena also says I’m such a good boy and so well behaved.

I do have only one problem, well, it’s not a problem for me actually. I have one bum eye that I can’t see out of very well, but my other one works just fine so really it isn’t a problem at all.

Come and see me this week! I’m just a fluff ball with endless amounts of love.



Pet of the Week for March 4-10, 2018

Meet Alice!

This gorgeous Siamese is about 2 years old, has amazing blue eyes and a Siamese cat-ti-tude. She is spayed, vaccinated and microchipped and ready for her furever home! Once this sweet girl gets to know you she will show you just how cute and playful she really is. Alice also would prefer to be the only four-legged child in the household. 




Pet of the Week for February 25-March 3, 2018

Hi everyone! My name is Samson. I’m only a year old and I’m full of energy but I love cuddles. I’m adorable and my only wish is for a family to call my own.  Did I mention, I’m adorable?


The Volunteers at FAS who take care of me are wonderful and give me lots of attention and love but I need more! See, I’m still a puppy. I have lots to learn! I may live with a bunch of doggie roommates but I’m still not sure how to make friends with them. I also get so excited when one of the volunteers is going to take me out I just can’t help but jump for joy, all over the place! I so badly want to learn how to be the  perfect boy and I so badly just want a family to love! Will you be my furever family?

I’ve been microchipped (ouch), I’ve been vaccinated (wasn’t so bad), then I was neutered (major ouchie!!!). But it’s all good because now I’m ready for my furever family! 


Pet of the Week for February 18-24, 2018

Sweet Sylvia. How can you resist this face! Little Sylvia, with her bright eyes and crooked smile can brighten any room. Sylvia is about 6 years young, has been with FAS since early 2014, and wants nothing more than to have a  best friend.

Sylvia gets along very well with her kitty pen mates, she loves attention, would sit in your lap all day if given the opportunity and really, how can you resist that face! 


Pet of the Week for February 11-17, 2018

Rosa wants to be your Valentine.

On December 2, 2017 Rosa was relinquished to FAS due to her owner's medical condition and not being able to care for her. We have all fallen in love with this sweet and loving cuddle bug!

Rosa is about 5-6 years old, has the cutest little under bite, is all of 9 pounds, and loves to cuddle and have her belly rubbed. She will roll right over for a belly rub!

Will you be Rosa’s Valentine? Her furever Valentine? She just wants someone to love

Izzy B

Pet of the Week for February 4-10, 2018

 Meet Izzy B! This gorgeous Siamese mix with crossed, blue eyes came to FAS with her sister a few weeks ago when their mama sadly passed away. Izzy B’s sister, Catalina, has been adopted and the family wanted to bring her home too but, Izzy really doesn’t care for her sister much so it didn’t work out.

Izzy B is about 4 years old, is spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. She is such a sweet and loving girl! She talks to our volunteers all the time and we know she is saying, “Please help me find a family to love, but make sure I’m the only kitty princess please”!  



Pet of the Week for January 28-February 3, 2018

Hi! My name is Archie and I have a Super Power! First, let me begin by telling you a bit about myself. I tip the scales at 6 1/2 pounds. I am really a people person. Sure I come off a little bit shy at first but I’m just checking you out. I do enjoy a nice walk and a lap to curl up on. Now, you're wondering about my Super Power. Ok, here it goes! I can levitate my hind legs! I can practically do a handstand! Please stop by and meet me and all my furry friends. (They have Super Powers too.)  

Jude and Shirley


Pets of the Week for January 21-27, 2018


Stunning, playful, curious and lovable sisters, Jude & Shirley, were brought to FAS as tiny, scared kittens who have grown into magnificent creatures! They have come so far since the days when they feared human touch. Thanks to our wonderful Volunteers who work so hard  to socialize our furry residents. They are just under a year old, spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Jude & Shirley are a bonded pair as you can see. It’s rare that you don’t see them playing together, grooming each  other and snuggling. Jude, the gorgeous gray kitty, is much more  outgoing than her sister Shirley who is the beautiful dilute torti. Shirley is very dependent on Jude and finds safety and comfort with her sister. These two magnificent sisters only wish is to find their furever home together.  Oh, they also wanted us to tell you that two is always better than one! Two times the love & two times the fun!



Pet of the Week for January 14-20, 2018

Meet Sweet & Sassy Holly!

This 7 year old spunky girl has the cutest little personality! She will tell you what she wants and when she wants it with the stomp of her little polka dot feet. Holly really enjoys sitting on your lap, going for walks, car rides and dinner! She really loves dinner time! Holly is a bit of the alpha female but does like being with other dogs. She is very loving and playful once she gets to know you so all she needs is someone who can give her a little love and patience, then she will be your best friend!



** ADOPTED ** 

Pet of the Week for January 7-14, 2018 

Meet Blue! 

If you are looking for a lap warmer as our weather gets cooler, Blue is your girl! Blue has so much love to give and just craves human touch, she would just love for you to come meet her! Blue is about 6 1/2 years young, spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. She came to us as a stray/feral back in 2012 and spent much of her time in our feral room until we noticed there was something wrong with her mouth. It turned out that Blue was suffering from Stomatitis. The best thing we could do for Blue was have her teeth extracted. Not only does Blue no longer have to suffer with painful teeth but she is so grateful for feeling better. She is full of nothing but love and cuddles. You can read up on Stomatitis by following the link below…/Health_I…/Gingivostomatitis.cfm




Pet of the Week for December 31, 2017 through January 6, 2018

Meet Murray! 

The sweetest one-eyed, 4-5 year old, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated little Lhasa Apso mix around! Murray loves to be with other dogs, is great with the groomer, walks great on a leash, and just wants to be with people. Do you have a little dog who needs a buddy, do you need a companion, or is your family ready for the unconditional love of a dog? Murray may just be your guy!



Pet of the Week for December 17-23, 2017

On April 10, 2017 we received a call from Fallbrook Animal Hospital that a very pregnant, very pretty tortoiseshell cat had been left at their door. We brought her to FAS and named her Billie Jean. Some of you might remember how we waited for her to have her kittens. On April 24th Billie Jean gave birth to 6 purfect babies!

This is Tibby! One of Billie Jean’s kittens who is still waiting for her furever home. In fact she is the last of the litter to be adopted. As you can see, she is beautiful! She is also so loving, loves being with other kitties, a purfect lap cat and loves people. 

If you are looking for the most amazing lap warmer and snuggler, Tibby is your girl! She is 7 1/2 months old, spayed,  microchipped, and vaccinated so now all she needs is a family to call her own.



Pet of the Week for December 3-9, 2017

Spot is a 4-5 year old, neutered, vaccinated, shy but playful, very sweet boy. He enjoys being with other dogs and loves people. The highlight of his day is when he gets to go on a walk! 

Spot used to share his dog run with his buddy Oliver, but Oliver has since been adopted and little Spot has been by himself and he’s lonely!

Spot is about 30 lbs, a little bit Jack Russell, and a lot of love! Do you have room in your home and heart for this precious boy? We are not just hoping to find him a furever family, we are also looking for a possible long term foster due to a medical condition that we have  hopefully taken care of with surgery but it may be something that needs to be addressed again. 




Pet of the Week for November 26 through December 3, 2017

Meet Clareece! She has quite the story and is hoping her final chapter of her adventure is with you! A few months ago Clareece was brought to us when she was found with not just 3 tiny babies, but serious injuries. Her abdomen was ripped open and her tail was badly injured. We got her to the vet as soon as we could where she underwent surgery to repair her abdomen. Her tail was so badly damaged it had to be amputated. We also got her babies cared for as she would never be able to nurse.

After a couple of weeks at the vet, Clareece was healthy enough to come  back to FAS. After a few more weeks of recovery, she was cleared to be spayed and microchipped. Now this very sweet and very grateful little girl, with her bobtail, is ready to write the final chapter of her story, to have a furever home and family!

Clareece is only about a year old, spayed, microchipped, and vaccinated. She is very loving, very playful, and gets along beautifully with her pen mates.


** ADOPTED ** 

Pet of the Week for November 19-25, 2017

Meet King! King is a 3 year old Doberman looking for his furever home. He is neutered, microchipped, and up to date on his vaccines. He’s a big boy and has big love to share. King wants a family with either older kids or just adults in the house; a family that loves long, adventurous walks and outings, lots of play time, and one that will spend quality time with him so that he feels safe and loved. King knows many commands such as sit, down, and stay, and would love to learn more. If you are looking for an adventure buddy, a furever friend, a loyal companion, and just an amazing dog, come and meet King! 


** ADOPTED ** 

Pet of the Week for November 12-18, 2017

We are happy to introduce this handsome, charming and all around great guy, Thor! Thor is the king of hanging out, total ladies man, and all around cool dude just waiting patiently for his furever family. Thor is neutered and microchipped, up to date on his vaccines, gets along great with his fellow furry roommates, and is about 2-3 years old.

Baby Cakes and Jack



Pet of the Week for November 5-11, 2017

** Attention Poodle People ** 

Baby Cakes & Jack, a very bonded pair, are at FAS with their paws crossed hoping to find their furever home. Baby Cakes is a 2 year old Poodle who is a very energetic and funny girl. She loves her toys, going on walks, loves people, and especially loves her buddy Jack.

Jack is a 7 year old Poodle who is a very snuggly boy. He too loves to play with his toys, going for walks, cuddling, and he has to have his Baby Cakes by his side for all of it.

These two inseparable love bugs came to FAS when their owner became too ill to care for them. Our promise is to find them the perfect home where they can not just be together but be able to share all their love and charm with a family to call their own.